25 Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas & Writing Tips

A good essay always starts with a good topic. The different categories of essays must have their respective topics. While the structure and the writing process may seem the same, there are slight differences that distinguish the essays. That is why students must analyze the questions carefully and understand the nature of the essay before the writing process.

One category of these essays is a compare and contrast essay. If you haven’t written such an essay before, then keep reading to gather the skills and knowledge you will need to apply to make your essay appealing. Still, if you are in the process of crafting compare and contrast essays, then keep reading to get useful insights, including topic ideas and writing tips that will make your paper outstanding.

What is the objective of a compare and contrast essay?

First of all, a compare and contrast essay include arguments on two concepts about a given subject, i.e., good comparisons. The idea is simply beyond descriptive or argumentative writing. Therefore, the writer must possess creative thinking skills to apply an in-depth analysis of two subjects and give a detailed comparison between the two subjects without focusing on one side. Therefore, in a compare and contrast essay, the thesis statement should not favor one side. The thesis should have elements covering both sides of the statement. The same should apply to topic sentences and analysis details when explaining points in the main body paragraphs.

The structure of compare and contrast essay & compare and contrast essay outline

Every essay should have a clear and academic structure, and so is a compare and contrast essay. Therefore, the compare and contrast essay structure includes the following:

  • The introduction

In the introduction of a compare and contrast essay, you simply present what you intend to discuss in your essay or the thesis statement for compare and contrast essay where you will base your essay. The intro is usually a one or two-paragraph section describing briefly what the reader should expect. While you can follow the typical guideline of writing other essay introductions, simply focus on mentioning all the concepts you are comparing in your essay.

  • Body paragraphs

The main body of this essay is where you focus on things to compare and contrast based on the main subject or topic.

Since there are two elements involved in one subject, you can opt to present your arguments in the following:

Block method – subject by subject – here, you focus on one argument, then move to the next argument.

Alternating method – point by point – you discuss both subjects at a go while giving options at the same time, giving similarities and differences on the go.

  • Conclusion

Finalize the compare and contrast essay by wrapping up everything in the conclusion section.

Compare and contrast ideas: best compare and contrast essay titles to consider

Easy compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Medication vs. vaccination
  2. Windows vs. Mac OS
  3. Compare and contrast physical meetings vs. video conferencing
  4. Compare the impact of Instagram vs. Twitter
  5. Compare online learning and traditional way of learning
  6. Living on campus vs. living at home with parents

Fun compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Tv shows vs. comic books
  2. Would you rather have a male or female friend?
  3. Who has more influence? A parent or a celeb?
  4. Compare and contrast winter vs. summer
  5. Compare and contrast British vs. American English
  6. Traditional vs. online writing

Good compare and contrast topics

  1. Compare and contrast face-to-face communication and texting
  2. Watching a film from a cinema hall vs. watching from home
  3. Health: compare and contrast sports vs. gym
  4. Learning: compare and contrast private and public students
  5. Traditional schooling vs. homeschooling
  6. Compare and contrast reading newspapers vs. watching television
  7. Herbal way vs. medicine way

Interesting compare contrast essay topics

  1. Religion: Christianity vs. Islam
  2. What differentiates introverts from extroverts?
  3. Passive income vs. active income
  4. Argumentative vs. comparative essay
  5. Compare and contrast public speaking and social anxiety
  6. Compare and contrast fascism and Nazism


A good compare and contrast essay always begins with an interesting topic as you figure out your compare and contrast essay, always for a topic that will motivate you before creating a compare and contrast essay outline to guide you. In any case, make this write-up your reference point when writing such an essay for a compelling paper.