30 Creative Descriptive Essay Writing Prompts

Essays come in different forms. As a high school, college, or university student, you must be prepared to write different essay types. This calls for a keen understanding of what different essay types entail. In this write-up, we feature descriptive essay writing, including the process and topic ideas for a descriptive essay. Let’s find out in the next sections.

Descriptive essay format: how to start a descriptive essay

Like other academic papers, a descriptive essay requires a good format and presentation showing ideas flowing in a logical manner. Therefore, in your descriptive essay, make sure you include the following sections:

  1. The introduction

A good introduction is a crucial section of any essay. It introduces your reader to the context of your topic. However, this doesn’t imply you keep it long. Your focus should be to make the paper compelling from the word go. Therefore, in your descriptive essay introduction, make sure you feature the following:

A hook – while the other sections of your descriptive essay will have captivating content to share with the reader, make sure you hook the reader first from the first sentence to make them read your essay to the end.

Background information – now, tell the reader what you want to describe, explaining its significance to you in a brief manner.

Thesis statement – this is a short statement summarizing all the concepts of the essay in a single statement. All the ideas you present in your paper should then align with the thesis statement you choose.

  1. Body Paragraph(s)

In your descriptive essay, include three body paragraphs, with each paragraph covering a different concept or argument. However, the body paragraphs can be more or less. It all depends on the professor’s guidelines or the nature of your topic. 

In a descriptive essay, each body paragraph should always begin with a topic sentence. This topic sentence briefs the reader on what you are about to describe in the paragraph.

  1. Conclusion

Finalize your descriptive essay with a good conclusion to give your essay a clear structure and format. The conclusion is simply a brief description of the ideas you shared in the main body paragraphs. Your final statement should align with the thesis statement of your essay. Once at this stage, your descriptive essay is complete. Now, you simply need to proofread and edit grammar errors and check for plagiarism before you can submit your paper.

In your conclusion, include the following:

  • The purpose of the paper – let the reader know why you chose the topic and why the subject matters to you. If possible, give an overview of the subject’s impact on your life.
  • Emphasize the significance of the details – a descriptive essay is all about covering the details of a certain topic. Therefore, if it’s a process, a description of a place, or any other description element, let the reader know why following the steps is crucial.
  • Include a clincher statement -this is an overall statement emphasizing the purpose of the entire paper. So, make sure you leave the reader with an exciting quote, question, or thought.

Topic ideas for a descriptive essay

The following are some of the topics you can consider when assigned a descriptive essay.  

Descriptive essay topics about a place

  1. My dream house
  2. My best travel destination
  3. The best park to visit
  4. A museum I want to visit
  5. The town I got lost in

Good descriptive essay topics about an object

  1. Describe your ideal outfit
  2. What is your favorite piece of furniture for relaxing?
  3. Describe your favorite toy as a child.
  4. My ideal smartphone
  5. Describe the best object in your best room

Topics for a descriptive essay about a person

  1. Describe one person you envy the most
  2. In inspires you in your family?
  3. Describe that one strange person you ever met
  4. Who is your ideal teacher?
  5. An encounter with a good Samaritan

Topics for descriptive essay about an experience

  1. My worst experience as a new freelancer
  2. My memorable birthday experience
  3. My first experience with the dentist
  4. My experience visiting another country for the first time
  5. My best childhood memory

Descriptive essay topics for college

  1. Describe your personality to someone new to you
  2. What is your best historical place?
  3. Describe that one person who made a change in your life
  4. Describe the essence of college education
  5. How to learn a foreign language

Descriptive essay topics for high school students

  1. Describe your perfect recipe
  2. Describe the impact of domestic violence on children
  3. Describe changing a car tire
  4. Describe the essence of homework for students
  5. The one school trip you recall


Are you almost writing a descriptive essay? Consider the above approach and enjoy the whole process of writing an interesting descriptive essay.