Argumentative Essay Prompts & Strong Writing Tips

We often argue about different concepts in our daily lives. Through the argument, the person aims to make a firm stand on a given subject or topic based on the sides they choose. The same approach applies to an argumentative essay where the writer weighs two options in an argument, chooses the argument to support, then has to persuade the reader into reading and supporting their views on the topic concept. However, to persuade the reader, the writer must provide solid points backed up with strong evidence after the research process. Argumentative essay titles can revolve around anything. It can be about science, politics, health, education, and technology, among many other concepts.

In this write-up, we feature how to bring out the best argumentative essay, and different argumentative essay prompts you can consider. Keep reading for more insights.

What is the purpose of an argumentative essay?

Before you begin writing an essay on arguments, you must have a debatable topic so that you can achieve the purpose of such an essay.

The aim of writing an argumentative essay, therefore, is to choose a side to argue about on a given subject or topic.  

Practical tips for writing an argumentative essay

Now, imagine you already have an interesting topic to argue about. The next step is to begin the research process. However, before the research, apply the following strategies to ensure your final essay stands out.

Create an argumentative essay outline

The best way to ensure you include all sections of the essay without missing the point is to create a simplified outline that acts like a roadmap to writing the whole paper. In your outline, include the ideal structure of an argumentative essay from the introduction, the main body paragraphs arranged in a logical manner, and a compelling conclusion that sums up the ideas you have discussed in your paper.

Pay close attention to the argumentative essay format

Like every other essay, you need to present your argumentative essay in a logical manner that outlines a simplified flow of ideas, making it easy and enjoyable for the reader. Therefore, make sure you present a catchy introduction, main body paragraphs outlining detailed arguments about the topic, and an interesting conclusion that sums up all your arguments.

Review a good argumentative essay template

You can master the art of writing essays very well. However, there can be a point when you miss a concept, especially when it comes to argumentative essays. In such an instance, check online platforms or libraries for samples of such essays. Once you review, you will get a clear picture of how to present and argue out your concerns on the topic you are covering.

Best argumentative essay prompts

Some students experience issues, especially when they have to choose a desirable topic to write about. Below are some of the best argumentative essay topics to consider. But before choosing your argumentative essay topic, make sure it has the following qualities:

  • Logical
  • Debatable
  • Accurate
  • Interesting to argue about

Controversial argumentative essay topics

  1. Do you think human beings cause global climate change?
  2. Should the government dictate people’s diets?
  3. Is homework bad or beneficial?
  4. Are GMOs harmful or beneficial?
  5. Should students undergo mandatory vaccination?
  6. Do you think technology is affecting creativity in a negative manner?

Argumentative essay topics for middle school

  1. Is swimming a good sports activity?
  2. Sports officials should ban those who use steroids
  3. Should society fight against anorexia?
  4. Explain the negative impacts of diets
  5. Sleep is significant in people’s health lives
  6. Should YouTube account owners control the use of abusive language in comments?

Good argumentative essay topics

  1. Is there justice for all?
  2. What should be the best age for drinking and smoking?
  3. All court proceedings should be documented
  4. All countries should activate the death sentence penalty
  5. What is the ideal age for voting?
  6. Are online friends impactful in a person’s life?

Topics for argumentative essay

  1. Consequences of earthquake
  2. Monarchy: The pros and cons
  3. How to help teenagers maintain a healthy weight
  4. Should physical education be mandatory in high school?
  5. All violent video games should be prohibited
  6. Top pros and cons of mobile influence
  7. Do you think today’s music is meaningful to the current generation?


Are you almost writing your argumentative essay paper and don’t know the best approach to use? Well, apply the techniques described in this write-up, and you will realize how simple it is to write an incredible argumentative essay.