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The following is a list of organisations which provide much needed assistance to us and are either directly concerned with libraries or sympathise strongly with our cause.

Blackheath Village Library
Grove Park Community Group
The Friends of West Greenwich Public Library

Manor House Gardens Users Group can be contacted on [email protected].

The Lee Manor Society have their own website.
Manor Park User Group - contact details to be advised.
FOCAS (London Forum) can be contacted via email: [email protected]
The Library Campaign at
The Lewisham Local History Society, please contact John West, Flat A, 40 Garlies Road, London SE23 2RT.
The London Borough of Lewisham at

Our supportive local papers are:
Catford & Hither Green Newsreel, 13 George Lane, SE6 6HQ.
The Mercury,
The News Shopper
You can email The Users and Friends of Manor House Library directly at: [email protected]
You can contact the LBL Head of Library and Information Services at: [email protected]
You can also visit our own website, obtained free of charge via "The News Shopper" at the following address: for regular news updates.