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Please print this page and post it to the address below or put it in the Friends' letterbox in WH Library.

You can either become a supporter or an active member - just click the appropriate box(s).
Whichever you choose, there will be no charge.

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As a organisation with no official funding, we are completely dependent on donations. Please make cheques payable to Friends of West Hampstead Library.







Post to:
Friends of West Hampstead Library, 1 Aldred Road,
West Hampstead, London NW6 1AN

FoWHL does not have membership subscriptions. The only form of funding is VOLUNTARY DONATIONS

The FoWHL Newsletter is normally delivered by hand by some of our active members. This operation takes a little time to complete. If you want to receive the Newsletter immediately it is published, you can elect to receive it by post (cost £2.00 per year) or by email (free).

If you are interested in organising cultural events in the library or have ideas on how the library and its services can be improved, you can join the active members group.