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Alexandra Park Library

Eleven years of campaigning have given Alexandra Park Library Support Group a strong base in the community. The support group has offered an eclectic series of talks and demonstrations, hosts an annual Christmas Party and provides both donated and purchased books and videos for the library. The Chair, Margaret Bark, has recently retired after many active years (she was also leader of FORE! when it was the Haringey Library Support Groups) and the group is reforming. Their newsletter goes to over 400 supporters.

Central Library (Wood Green)

Much of the foreign language stock is held here, and it is the main library for the center of the borough. Government grants helped to provide a Learning Centre and a number of computers for public use. Several reading groups operate from Central and there is space to host art exhibitions. The outside of the library is in poor condition and there is a possibliity that it will be relocated nearby in Haringey Heartlands development.

Coombes Croft Library

This small library serves several schools and a large group of elderly readers. At one time a local oral history group met here. A new ramp and forecourt was provided in 1999 through local and national grants. For some time Coombes Croft has been under threat of a move to elsewhere in the area but nothing is yet decided.

Highgate Library

Highgate Library serves the West of the borough, along the Archway Road to Crouch End. It has an excellent Junior library and is housed in a pleasant Edwardian purpose-built building which is approaching its centenary. There is an active support group - HLAG (Highgate Library Action Group) - which has been working for the library since 1989. Activities such as a Book Group and early evening meetings on various topics keep it lively, children's events are supported, and books are purchased and donated on a regular basis. The newsletter - "HLAGNEWS" - is delivered to 400 households. There is a separate HLAG website within the LLL pages click to link to HLAG News.

Hornsey Library

Hornsey Library was purpose built in 1965 as the main library in Hornsey Borough, and it is one of the busiest in Haringey, located as it is in the Crouch End area. It houses a large Reserve collection as well as an excellent Audio stock and has a good Children's library section. The support group formed in 1990 in response to threat of closure is now "resting".

Marcus Garvey Library

The Tottenham area's main library is Marcus Garvey, which is located on two floors within the Leisure Centre . It contains a Learning Centre as well as an integral Black History Library ("The Marcus Garvey Library") and a large Children's section. Recent plans to co-locate a One Stop Shop within the library - or to reduce book space to one floor - have been fought by the support group, Friends of Marcus Garvey.

Muswell Hill Library

Sited in a listed building within the Muswell Hill shopping area, this library has has a long and distinguished history from its early days in Hornsey Borough. On the first floor there is a Children's library and a Toy Library. A disabled access was recently installed.The Muswell Hill Library Support Group was formed eleven years ago and has a committee of seven. It offers regular events and a newsletter (which reaches 350 people) and has a reading group meeting monthly.

St Ann's Library

Threatened by closure, St. Ann's swiftly formed a support group - St. Ann's Library Campaign - and worked successfully to foil the plan. It is a small but well-used library, with a large childrens section and a Toy Library created and staffed by parents. As it is within a Regeneration Area, funds are now available to improve the library (perhaps to relocate and rebuild it as part of community centre) and a feasibility study is planned for 2001.

Stroud Green Library

Stroud Green Library is the oldest library in the borough. It was formally opened to the public in January 1901. Friends of Stroud Green Library have celebrated the first of a number of events to mark this centennial.

On Friday 26th January classes from the local primary school, with their headmistress, attended an event in the library and were presented with commemorative coins (minted for 150 years of Public Libraries).

On Saturday 27th January an open day was held in the library. This was a very well attended event. Dunn's (the Crouch End Baker) contributed the Birthday Cake, and a poster competition, raffle, historical exhibition and the signing of the Centennial visitor's book made for an interesting and enjoyable start to the centennial programme.

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