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Accessibility & ICT

MicroSoft Stops Scanning Books

Internet Demography

Better Use of Libraries Book Stocks

Socio-economic Barriers to Internet Usage

The Rollup E-Book is Here

UKs Internet Market Matures

Amazon's Kindle

The Future of the Book

The Publics Views on Technological Innovation

Mobile Phone Masts Proved Innocent

A4 E-Paper

Laptop Computers Without Hard Drives

The CRT Display Lives on, in Disguise

Municipal WiFi Progress

The Changing Cost of Broadband Services

Financial Effects of RFID

Internet Explorer 7

European Digtal Library

WiFi Access


Browser Wars

Progress Towards the $100 Laptop

No Free Lunch?

San Francisco Unwiring

Tiered Internet Services

Windows Support

European Media Usage

Open Content Alliance

OpenOffice 2.0

Google Flexes Muscles

256k to 18M

Electronic Books

Linux Versus Windows Costs

Laptops are for Holidays as well

Not Just for Email

Internet The Next Generation

Another Workhorse Pensioned Off

2012 Plus

Society's Fifth Estate?

Google Toolbar

Wikipedia Use Surges

The Assistive Mouse

Broadband Powerline Technology Progress

Mozilla Gaining Ground

The Greying of the Internet

Mobile Phone Nuisance

The Future of Public Libraries



Harris Poll on US Online Activity

Offcom Statistics

Urban Broadband from the Sky

CD Problems Revisited

Grid Computing Revisited


CD Problems

MIT Online



Whats in London's Libraries

Community Broadband Access

Grid Computing

Computer Accessibility

Powerline Internet Connection

Internet Subscriptions
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Broadband Again

Everybody Online

Books on Line

The All Pervasive Internet

Is the (Internet) Party Over Already?

Internet Connections and PCs in Libraries